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Government filings in the appeals of Fernando and Ramon
Conference on the Five held in Miami

by Andrés Gómez
Dec. 5, 2011

Close to one hundred people attended a successful conference on the Five which took place on Sunday Dec. 4 in Miami. The action was held under the auspices of the organizations of the Cuban immigration in Miami which make up the Alianza Martiana: the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Alianza Martiana (as an individual organization), the José Martí Association, the Bolivarian Circle, and the Association of Christian Women in Defense of the Family.

The conference provided an update on the special appeals process of Habeas Corpus of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio and Fernando, presented to the Federal District Court - by the defense lawyers in the course of this year. Precisely in these days the Prosecutor presented her response to the appeal to the cases of Ramón, Antonio, and Fernando. Originally the Prosecutor was supposed to present her response by last Nov. 21, but she asked the court for a delay, a request which was granted.

Also the conference discussed the current situation of our brother René González, who lives someplace in South Florida under the terms of the stage of his sentence called "supervised liberty," with all the risks that this situation entails, since the end of his thirteen unjust and arbitrary years in prison last October.

The conference also dealt with other subjects, for example, those related to the lack of motion that currently exists in Congress on issues related to relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

The conference was dedicated to the members of the different organizations of the Alianza Martiana who died during the last twelve months.

Speakers at the conference included Elena Freyre, president of the Foundation for the Normalization of Relations between Cuba and the U.S. (FORNORM) and Andrés Gómez, National Coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade.

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